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About me

Computer Engineer  – Advanced Expert in Computer Systems Management
Iván García CoboMy name is Iván and this is my story:

Several years ago, I studied to become an advanced expert in computer systems management and IT-supporter. After that, I began studying a three-year Degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Systems.

I had an important professional opportunity in Openbank (online bank from Santander Group) and I worked for several years in insurance and banking companies like Mapfre, ING group and Openbank. Also, I participated in Politics, being Mayor at Bahabón Council, where I developed several interesting projects.

Some time ago I decided to focus -again- my career in Information Technology. I have been always linked to Information Technologies. Because of that I have participated in several projects with Doctor Carlos Moriyón at the University of Valladolid and I have been doing other projects as a freelance worker. I began studying a four-year Degree in Computer Engineering at a Spanish University. Also, I began working again as an IT-support and as a Web designer.

August 2015, my last job finished and then I decided to move to Copenhagen. Living in Denmark made me grow professionally and personally.

From January 2016, working as an Engineer at Telefónica. First, in the Global Video Platform/Content Delivery Network (Telefonica GVP/CDN) and now at Novum project (Tuenti / Telefónica).

In October 2017, I started to study a Master Degree in Computer Security.